Cat Sitting Orange County

PetstreetMall have spent years collecting the very best dog beds in the very best dog bed manufacturers who do well at making the very best, most top quality beds anywhere. From numerous years of experience of such companies of perfecting their craft with great sizes and designs, yet still enhancing the quality and comfort of the products into even lower prices.


Pet Sitting Orange County

We’ve previously documented the specialties, advantages and has of pet bed products of those companies: K&H, Snoozer, Bowser, PetSafe, West Paw Design, Dolce Vita, SoothSoft, Kuranda Caddis and Midwest. Now browse the very best in following companies and their type of pet bed products.

Pet Sitting Orange County

Pet Goods Manufacturing and Imports. Pet Goods Mfg. & Imports continues to be serving the pet industry since 1972. They manufacture and import just the best quality pet products available in the pet industry today, including the very indepth line of quality Stainless Steel pet products. They’re dedicated to service, innovation and suppleness to our customers. Their top of the line product includes Petcare mattress foam, Orthocare fleece top foam, small cat or dog tent, wrought iron made bedframe, ortho mattress and pillows at many sizes.

Duke and Duchess Canine beds. Their distinct pet bed products include: Velvet Upholstered Large Arm Chair “The Prince or Princess of one’s castle will be sitting pretty on his or her own beautifully upholstered throne. The Armchair is fully upholstered and constructed of hardwood frame and wood legs. Strong and durable, the large size Armchair supports pets up to 60 pounds and is also available in leopard or zebra velvet”, Velvet Small Sofa Plum “a fully upholstered and made of hardwood frame and timber legs. Strong and durable, the small size sofa supports pets as high as 45 pounds” and Velvet Upholstered Chez Lounge “Strong and sturdy, the lounge is fully upholstered and constructed of hardwood frame and wood legs. Your family pet weighing approximately 60 pounds will lie around the lap of luxury. Select from 5 velvet designs.”

Adirondack Canine beds. Their product created using Northern White Cedar is one of Natures unsurpassed building materials, a natural and untreated trees grown in moist swampy NE woodlands. Light, sturdy and remarkably resistance against rotting and discoloration, natural cedar is crafted into beautiful furniture that’ll be around for some time, while. Cedar has the US Forest Products Laboratory highest rating for decay and disease resistance. Fresh cedar odor is really a mild insect repellent.

Persnickety Pet Boutique. Persnickety-Pets Boutique is part of Persnickety-Pets Pet Sitting Services in Pinellas County. After a period of pet sitting it’s come to my attention that pet owners love to pamper and spoil their pets. They want unique items and will search high and wide for them! They will use top quality materials and mix all of them with excellent craftsmanship to provide your furry friend using the best Pet Tent dog bed available. Today’s patented Pet Tent is a direct descendent of Dick Mueller’s 1963 “Pup Tent”. Dick’s “Pup Tents” were purchased from the finest department stores.

Precision Pet Products. Precision Pet Products is surely an established and respected manufacturer supplying a wide variety of pet products to any or all elements of your dog industry since 1985. Located in Oc, California, their team assures that products invest in choices made out of the strongest materials available and so are designed to withstand the damage and tear of the very active of pets and pet handlers. Clients meet use a product that offers maximum benefits, whether it’s utilized on the path or in your own home. They incorporate innovation in advanced design and offer attractive and functional items that satisfy the highest of standards.


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